How much money do
you need to invest
to build an app or website?

The AI tool provides a non-intrusive estimation of the development process without any pushy sales pitches.

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What you'll get from the tool

❏ A rough estimate for your MVP (budget and project timeline)
❏ Clarity on the details needed for your project brief
❏ Proposals from developers in our database (optional)

All for free, and instantly!

Note: Only robots are involved in this process.

We recognize that every project is unique and comes with its own individual challenges.

This tool is designed to help you understand the rough range of money you need to invest and the questions you may encounter in your first discussion with your future developer team.

AI responses were reviewed and confirmed by experienced developers.

For startupers

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For agencies

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Created in collaboration with ChatGPT and the team of developers FENWIK.